DiveTab is a single source for managing and presenting data analytics in the office or on the road. Traditional desktop software is great when you want to see what’s going on with your business from a desktop or laptop computer. But today’s knowledge worker needs a mobile solution. Available on your iPad®, Windows-based tablet, or PC, DiveTab delivers a powerful suite of information delivery and management capabilities. Any analytics content or format — it is all available in a single interface for use either connected or disconnected from the Internet.

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Enterprise Solutions

  • Centralized data access
  • User-specific security
  • Information is always up to date

Interactive Data Visualization

  • Automated graphs
  • BI dashboards provide customizable displays
  • Dynamic data interaction

File Access & Storage

  • Access local and remote data
  • No format or quantity limitations
  • Customizable organization and layout


  • Wine and spirits (beverage alcohol)
  • Supply chain
  • Manufacturing
  • Insurance
  • Pharma


Keep up with the increasing pace of business by accessing both structured and unstructured data anytime from your desktop or iPad. DiveTab’s multi-screen delivery platform provides a consistent user experience across devices. DiveTab takes reporting dashboard software to a new level.

  • Access documents, presentations, marketing materials, video, and audio files
  • Gain timely insights from large data volumes
  • Render information offline and online
  • DiveTab’s real-time dashboard ensures that information is always up to date
  • Conduct multi-level and drill-down reports with DiveTab’s interactive dashboard

Big Data at Unparalleled Speeds

Powered by our robust data engine, information is delivered securely at unprecedented speeds. There’s no waiting and no need to log into multiple devices. DiveTab® utilizes the latest technology to deliver rapid access and unrivaled processing performance. DiveTab’s® one-touch user interface design, interactive dashboard, and robust data management technology enable organizations to gain insight from “big data” quickly. Reporting dashboard software has never been so powerful.

BI That Keeps Up With You

The ability to access mobile BI in real time empowers your mobile workforce to immediately act upon data, thereby increasing productivity. DiveTab® ensures a seamless transition from one device to the other, enabling users to focus on the business at hand.

Organization Intelligence: Anytime, Anywhere

DiveTab’s® information management and delivery platform gives organizations the necessary tools to develop and deploy information-rich applications across their business. DiveTab® enables mobile workers to access structured and unstructured data anytime, anywhere. Real-time BI dashboards, presentation content, marketing materials, audio, and video are available on one device.

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