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Amplify your decision-making with data personalized to your institution and role.

Your campus supports multiple initiatives in its overall goal to provide high-quality learning opportunities for your students.

Not only do you need to consider students’ education and well-being, but you also need to consider taking care of your staff and providing a supportive work environment, as well as the financial sustainability of your institution.

When it comes to navigating these goals, the data your organization has on students, staff, finances, and operations can help you make better decisions and pinpoint areas of improvement.

But how can you bring that data together in a way that is useful for each department and individual role, while still maintaining consistency and governance across the organization?

This is where we can help.

Higher Ed Advisor

Dimensional Insight’s Higher Ed Advisor helps you better understand your data by offering both comprehensive summary information as well as the ability to delve into specific details. This enables you to identify underlying causes and take informed actions.

Featuring a wide range of standard measures and data elements, Higher Ed Advisor allows for immediate data analysis without the need to create an analytics framework from the ground up. An initial configuration is usually set up for analysis and validation within a few days. Furthermore, this standard configuration can be customized to suit your institution’s unique requirements through an automated process, designed by educational experts who understand the industry.

Since governance and collaboration are built into Higher Ed Advisor, you’re able to closely control the process of defining and deploying new information while still including the right people and perspectives in the conversation.


  • Integrate data across your school system and achieve a unified source of truth
  • Work with a team dedicated to your educational challenges


  • Convert raw data into actionable insights for superior decision-making
  • Cultivate data-literate professionals as agents of change


  • Drive meaningful changes that advance your strategic goals
  • Lead in the digital-first future of education with AI-powered technology

Built specifically for the needs of higher education

Understanding your student cohort (background, age, gender, etc.)

Drive Financial Results

Analyzing enrollment and graduation rates

Boosting learning outcomes

Monitoring staff and faculty productivity

Measuring policy changes and their effects

Evaluating quality of education



Out-of-the-box measures that reflect enrollment, student demographics, finances, faculty productivity, and education quality across the campus.


Interactive dashboard templates that can be replicated and extended to provide additional perspectives. Reusable visualizations that dynamically adapt to assigned measures.

Surveys & Questionnaires

Questionnaires can be deployed across various audiences, including current students, alumni, and faculty.


Opportunities to explore the underlying data of virtually any number or chart in any visualization.


An automated approach to defining and computing complex data and measure definitions. Built-in governance and collaboration

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