Education Applications

Utilize analytics to deliver an exceptional education experience while optimizing costs

Utilize analytics to deliver an exceptional educational experience while optimizing costs.

Higher Education like other regulated industries is leveraging data to gain insights and direction.

Dimensional Insight® starts by gaining knowledge of all your crucial data sources to measure success. We provide the tools to help you collaborate, define, and share KPI metrics across your entire education system.

Ability to view many integrated data sources

Because of its unique design, Diver Platform™ outperforms other analytics, data management, and governance software products.

Diver® can work with your existing data warehouse, and integrate data from any number of disparate sources.

Users can compare data collected from systems like ERPs, Donor databases, and transactional systems with information in the data warehouse, legacy data sources, spreadsheets, and flat files.

Fast processing response time

Diver’s unique use of in-memory technology explains why Diver users experience consistently fast response times, regardless of underlying big data volumes.

Every implementation includes the installation of all back-end server and production components. There are no hidden costs or expensive third-party tools required to deploy additional features.

Users access data through a number of interface options depending on their specific information viewing and analysis needs.

Below are some of the many applications of Diver Platform for Higher Education:


  • Track admissions rates among target populations
  • Identify students with a high probability of attending
  • Achieve the right mix of pay, loan and scholarship candidates
  • Acceptance and rejection monitoring

Student Management

  • Identify at-risk academic students
  • Identify potential drop-outs
  • Attendance tracking
  • Curriculum usage
  • Resource usage
  • Extracurricular activities

Asset and Operations Management

  • Building, room and space utilization
  • Manage building expenses
  • Inventory control
  • Building and space planning

Donors and Investors

  • Maintain and increase amounts
  • Identify new donors and investors

Human Resources

  • Staff retention
  • Staff utilization
  • Recruiting
  • Workforce planning
  • Performance management

Regulatory and Compliance

  • Admissions requirements
  • Degree requirements
  • Benchmarking