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10 Challenges Facing Higher Education

And how analytics can help

Higher education has always collected data. For a long time the question was not how to collect the data, it was how to use the data that’s been collected.

And with millions of data points related to the many facets of higher education, the answer to that question was not easy to figure out.

But colleges and universities have begun to turn a corner in terms of what to do with their data, and there is now a roadmap unfolding that lays out the path to successful enterprise-wide use of data.

This book will serve as a guide along that path so your institution can keep up with the work that’s been done in a successful way at institutions of higher education across the world.

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An automated solution is a must for gathering and analyzing the amount of data institutes of higher education need in order to succeed. These solutions can produce, in minutes, reports that previously would have taken hours to complete.